Features Of Digitally Powered Meters & Couplers

Digitally powered meters are capable of optimal accuracy. There are directional couplers capable of a 40 Db dynamic range. They are compact devices and can be easily transported. New users of the equipment do not need on-site calibrations to be performed. The highly powered devices can perform instantaneous as well as simultaneous forward and reverse power measurements whilst covering that dynamic range just mentioned. The portable machines are equipped with an alarm. They also have multiple temperature sensors.

directional couplers

The meters monitor a number of frequency and power ranges with accuracy levels higher than five percent. Each meter or coupler has a graphic interface. This is utilized for on the site testing work. It also offers secure off the site monitoring through local area networking or LAN technologies. Applications installed allow for the testing of the output power of communication base station transmitters, VHF and UHF laboratory equipment as well as high power HF systems. There is a hybrid coupler that has the ability to cover the full 700 to 6000 MHz band.

At ninety degrees, it is measured at 100 W CW. It is an ideal device for combining at modular levels. The layman or DIY practitioner may be wondering just where such devices could be best utilized. From the ground up, it would have to be suggested that engineers will be utilizing these portable meters on the construction site. They must be able to determine that no seismic shockwaves will interfere with the new building construction. And these days, they must also make sure that the building construction does not impact or interfere with existing but fragile environmental conditions.

When using digitally powered meters and couplers, accuracy will remain the watchword, otherwise the entire exercise would serve no purpose.